FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020 – 8 to 9pm

Calling all LUMINARIANS, ILLUMINAUTS + GLOWers from Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and THE PLANET!  It’s time to dust off those luminaries, check your batteries, make your crazy costumes, get ready to dance and make some MAGIC TOGETHER!

Be part of creating a new comMOONity VIRTUAL experience — FOOLMoon REIMAGINED — on FRIDAY, APRIL 3 from 8 to 9pm!



In this whirlwind of change, we’re realizing what’s really important in our lives and in our communities. Each other. What we can CREATE TOGETHER. How we are RESILIENT and STRONGER TOGETHER.

We invite YOU to embrace the unexpected. Turn ordinary things into something extraordinary. Make amazing art. Share it in surprising places. Build OODLES of comMOONity.

We invite YOU to join our new Facebook group — FOOLMoon REIMAGINED — a virtual place where we can bring our creative superpowers together. Connect with neighbors, bring a smile, make someone laugh out loud. Be here for each other.



JOIN our new Facebook group – FOOLMoon REIMAGINED — a new virtual place for us to MAKE + SHARE our creativity!  Build commUNITY.  Right now when we all need it.  JOIN HERE or type into your browser!  Not a fan of Facebook?  No problem.  Just click on the link to follow the fun!

SHARE the invite – get your friends, the kids, your Aunt Ethel, your crazy neighbors or college roommates — fellow GLOWers all – to JOIN the group!

MAKE + SHARE!  With daily prompts for art-making and joy-spreading, get making and sharing y’all!  POST your pics + videos of your foolish creations — luminaries, masks, decorations, or dance routines!  Inspire others to MAKE + SHARE!

AMAZING ART AHEAD! Our foolish crew of ARTISTS are working on some glowing experiences to inspire you this week and help you get GLOWing on FRIDAY NIGHT!  Watch for teasers and updates!

GET READY for MAKING some MAGIC together on FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020 from 8 to 9pm! 


Get Your GLOW on Y’ALL!

It’s Time to Make Our CommUNITY SHINE!

P.S. Help us support our local artists and keep the GLOW growing. If you’re able and moved to share some love please DONATE today. Thank YOU!




To Our FOolish Friends,

To limit the potential spread of COVID-19 and other nasty viruses, and help keep those around us healthy and safe, WonderFool Productions is joining the growing list of local partners in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County who are changing plans. 

Gazillions of people make FOOLMoon and FestiFOOLs a foolish tradition each year.  With no hand sanitizer in sight, and paper supplies vanishing before our eyes, there are simply not enough HazMat suits to keep us safe.

Our spring celebrations — FOOLMoon and FestiFOOLs – and WFP’s luminary workshops in March at Workantile will not take place as planned. 

Can we imagine new ways to be foolishly creative in the midst of these times?  We think so.  Stay tuned.

 We are in touch with our community partners and will keep you informed as they confirm any schedule changes.  To date, the following partner programs have been canceled:

Ann Arbor Art Center – all workshops canceled.  Visit for updates.

Ann Arbor District Library – all workshops canceled.  Visit for updates.

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum – all workshops canceled. Visit for updates.

Please visit our website for the latest updates and reach out to us by email at with your questions and creative ideas!

This is an amazing moment for us to call on our collective creativity and make something even more extraordinary together.  Let’s make that happen.

Be well FOOLish friends!  We are GrateFOol for YOU!  Now, go wash your hands…




Ann Arbor’s most FOOLish festivals — FOOLMoon and FestiFOOLs – are built by the commUNITY and YOU!  Each year, these events are bigger and more fanciful than ever – zany celebrations made surprising and fun by people like YOU filling the streets with quirky handmade creations, from glowing sculptures and wild costumes, to larger-than-life moving puppets.  Everyone and anyone is invited to participate!
We are making lemonade out of lemons this year.  Two new virtual experiences have been created to keep our foolish friends and puppets healthy and safe.  FOOLMoon REIMAGINED is a new Facebook group that is bringing our creative superpowers together in a new virtual commUNITY.  With daily art-making and joy-spreading, and artists sharing their creativity and how-to’s, LUMINARIANS, ILLUMINAUTS + GLOWers will create a virtual celebration on FRIDAY, APRIL 3 from 8 to 9pm CLICK HERE for DETAILS!
Set your clocks for the new online experience FestiFools/Virtual on SUNDAY, APRIL 5 at 4pm!  The amazing students from the University of Michigan’s Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts are shifting gears and creating super tiny, fabulously creative miniature puppet vignettes to share with YOU.  CLICK HERE for DETAILS!
The theme for this year is FossilFOOLs, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020.  How will YOU be inspired by the urgency of our environment for the future of our planet?  What message do you want to share with your foolish creations, use of ordinary materials, or recycled/re-purposed supplies?  What will happen to your creation post-event?



We have FREE Community Workshops! Cancelled for the time being.
People of all ages are invited to create their own luminary or other foolishness at any of these FREE Community Workshops.  You bring YOU and your ideas. We provide everything you need to be successful – teaching artists to inspire and help, materials/supplies, and coffee/snacks.


We can’t wait to see you soon!


Click below for more information on the upcoming events and workshops!

FOOLMoon REIMAGINED: A Virtual CommUNITY Experience – April 3, 8-9pm

FestiFOOLs/Virtual – Sunday, April 5 at 4pm (FOOLs at FOUR!)

Workshops: Canceled


Illuminated wire + tissue paper sculptures are a staple of FoolMoon. Get ideas and learn to make one at home with simple materials here.


Odd, FOOLbulous fashion attire isn’t required, but it is highly recommended. Get inspiration for costumes and wearables here.


Giant, surreal beasts roam the streets at the FestiFools parade. Get started making one in your garage and then become part of the virtual FOOLishnesss!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to our partners!

Barnes ACE Hardware
Ann Arbor Art Center
Ann Arbor District Library
Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
City of Ann Arbor
Community High School – Theater Students
Kerrytown Market & Shops
Kerrytown District Association
Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts at the University of Michigan
Neutral Zone