Pixel Magic: FLOWER Moon Challenge

We are all living in a surreal moment, so this next creative prompt leans on the Surrealist practice of collaborative drawing to connect our FOOLmoon CommUNITY.

This surreal time has us wanting to connect our FOOLish bits and bites to create compelling stories about our CommUNITY and connect not just our PIXELS but each other.  

This week, you are going to help us take over the FestiFools Instagram Feed with our collective surrealist dreaming. Follow the directions below and email or tag your photos #makeitoutofordinary and #pixelmagicmoon on Instagram or Twitter.  Our FOOLish team will cast some pixelated spells and post your images on Instagram where they will connect and tile, just like collaborative drawings on paper by Dali, Miró, Tanguy, Man Ray, and others.  [Edit: Now with collaborative Whiteboard!]

Join the #pixelmagicmoon Challenge

for #flowermoon2020!

Last night’s skies were bright with the light of the Flower MOON!  Won’t you make some PixelMagic with us and create a colorful “garden” of flower pixels? SHARE yours + create Flower MOON-y CommUNITY bouquet!.  

  • DRAW+SNAP+SHARE your pixels + see them LIGHT up our instagram! #pixelmagicmoon
  • COLOR your pixels + MIX them with others!
  • SHARE a pixel bouquet with your Mom or special someone!.  
  • Write a Flower MOON-y haiku!

Write FLOWER haiku

As your flower BRIGHTENS up

Your day, and others! 

If you want to JOIN the storytelling buzz, add YOUR pixels to our whiteboard and share your GLOW with our FoolMoon CommUNITY!   

Pixel Magic makes anything possible.  

How to Make it OUT of the Ordinary

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Something to cut with, or patient fingers to fold and tear
  • Dark marking implement (black or blue is ideal!)
  • The camera on your phone or other device to share with us at wonderfoolproductions@gmail.com
  • FOR AFTER you share your black and white image: Coloring implements


  1. Make a list of what you notice about FLOWERS and the MOON
    • What feels like Pixel MAGIC?    
  2. Make your paper into a square.  It does not matter if you are starting with a GIANT page or a tiny page, once it’s a square we can do PIXEL Magic and shrink it to link up with everyone else’s tiles.
  3. Mark the midpoints on the sides of the square by matching corners and pinching JUST the edge of the paper.  (You can fold across, but then you will have the creases visible. If you are a very young person, it might be easier to pinch, anyway.)
  4. Mark with a pencil where those creases are.  These are how your machine will match up with other FOOLmoon CommUNITY members’ machines.  
  5. Look back at your list about FLOWERS and the MOON, and choose TWO things that LIGHT up your IMAGINATION.  
  6. MIX them together in your square so that pieces of them touch those midpoints.  
    • How do they relate? What can you imagine and invent?
    • You can use pencil and then outline with marker later. 
    • The MOON is the limit: use your IMAGINE-ation!
  7. Take a picture before you color and share it on social media and/or email it to wonderfoolproductions@gmail.com
    • YOU inspire us and our CommUNITY!  Re-MIX, have fun!  We are coming up with some FOOLish ideas for ways to share our SPARK!
  8. Color your pixel if you want.  Make another! There’s no limit!  
  9. Check out our PIXELS as we build on instagram, or check back for curated PIXELS on Facebook!
  10. As a community we will connect our stories and ideas. Join the BEAUTIFUL collaboration below!


Guest Author, Allida Warn


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