Featured Artists

University of Michigan Students // Art in Public Spaces

For the thirteenth year, students in the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program at the University of Michigan are back at it with the puppet making mayhem! Mark Tucker is the FestiFOOLs Founder, puppet making master, and teacher extraordinaire who inspires and instructs his students in the art of papier-mâché puppetry.


DJ Meryl Waldo aka SCOUT is back!!

FoolMoon 2013_Myra Klarman

Gretchen Adracie

Luminary wizard and the woman who brought the buzz last year with her 9 queen bees, Gretchen Adracie, Jellyfish, Giant Moons, Luna Moths and other illuminated masterpieces. Gretchen has also been the artist in residence hosted by our generous sponsors, Netscout. She taught art-making workshops to Arbor employees for the month of March. Gretchen also is an artist instructor at our Sunday Luminary Workshops.

FoolMoon2017_Ryan Stanton

Illuminatus Lasers // Mike Gould + Team

For their 8th visit to the revelry,  this laser troupe will be featuring LaserDance: where you can dance and have your body’s outline painted on the sides of buildings with wispy swirls of colorful lumia.

Mike Gould is the designer, fabricator, and guiding light of our efforts, but depends on a bold and daring bunch of friends who help out with the electronics and video, publicize the events, and set up, fire up, tear down, and haul around the gear necessary for all this. Mike would like to thank them all ever so very much. For more information, visit their website!

Wayne Gillis: Co-Founder, Chief Engineer
Zita Gillis: Logistics, PR
Steve Rich: Legal counsel, consigliere and transportation specialist
Draco: Electronics, crew
Bob Snyder: Lasers, crew
Tim Prosser: crew
Ken Kozora: Music composer, crew
Tom Bray: AV, Web, production director
Krunal Desai: Rocket Scientist, digital engineer


Patrick Elkins // Shadow Puppets

It wouldn’t be FOOLmoon without our shadow puppet master, Patrick Elkins! Patrick and friends will be giving light to a foolish collection of shadow puppet beasts wandering throughout the crowd and bouncing off of buildings. He has also created a secret and shadowy installation tucked inside an alley at FOOLmoon.

Copy of _JLR7992

Ann Arbor District Library

The Ann Arbor District Library will be making a Flying High at FestiFOOLs with their BIG Bird puppet and individual costumes created at their community workshops! Also, join the AADL in their annual lighted, silly-satellite, tent at FOOLmoon! Don’t forget to hashtag #FoolMoon2019 so that your photos can be live streamed to the Library’s Instagram Projection Wall!


Mindful City

Immediately following the event, Mindful City will practice peacefool mediation in the middle of Main Street. All are welcome to join!

Mindful City Ann Arbor is passionate about collaborating with businesses and organizations to bring mindfulness practice to our commUNITY. Mindfulness simply means being in the present moment: paying attention without judging what we are noticing. As we practice, we also invite an attitude of kindness and friendliness to our experience and in some very specific cases, we invite foolishness.  Mindful City’s projects to date include collaborations with WonderFOOL Productions, The Ark, The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room, Bryant Community Center, and the Main Street Area Association.


Ypsilanti District Library

The Ypsilanti District Library youth have created a light-filled, human-powered dragon that will lead the Kerrytown Luminary Processional. Transportation provided by our sponsors Netscout.


Ann Arbor Art Center

 A giant jitterbug will coming from the Ann Arbor Art Center’s community drop-in workshop Sunday April 7 from 12-3. Then jump on over to jitterbug at FestiFools from 4-5.

D/ART Installation

University of Michigan’s favorite guerilla art group, D/ART, is at it again this year but instead of bubble wrap, they will be creating an interactive installation.


Karma Dance

For the third year, Karma Dance, a local troupe of belly dancers will be performing in illuminated costumes throughout the evening at FOOLmoon and with their finger symbols and colorful costumes at FestiFOOLs.

2017Festifools05 (1)

Olivia Guterson

Olivia Rae is a Detroit-based creative and community organizer. Deeply influenced by the textures, landscapes, and patterns of her upbringing in the Southwest, as well as, her Russian and African heritage; her work focuses predominately in black and white for its stability, intensity, and honesty. Olivia has always been moved to create and has cultivated an obsessive style of line making and pattern working that emphasizes the delicate beauty and balance of the human hand. Her work tends to focus on the contrast of black and white; busy and still; quiet and loud. Things are more than they appear at first glance. Everything is ephemeral.

Synecdoche Design Studio

Synecdoche Design Studio interested in working on all types of design problems to find creative solutions. Often our designs work through architecture and interior design and extends into the making of custom built furniture and installation pieces as they fit with the character and use of the place. As a small start-up we have a special appreciation for other small businesses and entrepreneurs. Design is often influenced by the business model to layout and detail spaces based on the specific mode and style of whatever the craft, product, skill or services our clients provide.


We saw the movie “Synecdoche, New York” and liked how they used the terminology to create a vision. The term Synecdoche (pronounced si-nek-duh-kee) is a literary trope that means simultaneous understanding of a part to a whole – so when you refer to ‘paying with plastic’ it’s actually just a plastic card that represents a whole electronic banking system. So the idea that material or objects can represent an entire process or idea was an intriguing one for us to pursue.