May We Assume You’ll Make a Costume?

There’s a red carpet at FOOLmoon and FestiFOOLs, it probably should be made out of bubble wrap or duct tape. Repurposed/recycled materials own the night as town and gown gathers in the street donning its most foolish attire.

Below is a foolish inspiration gallery. Bonus points for the handmade and hand altered! (This is where hot glue guns, battery-powered lights, and duct tape really shine – pun intended!)

Glow-y, neon-y, light-up-y stuff tends to stand out at our nighttime event (FOOLmoon), and big vibrant colors and exaggerated props are popular at our daytime celebration (FestiFOOLs). In either case, remember that ‘fool’ is ‘cool’!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few questions and prompts to get the wheels spinning:

  • Garbage bag and neon tape…Go!
  • How could you incorporate a battery-powered string of christmas lights into your outfit?
  • What would happen if you spray painted a thrift-store suit or gown?
  • What’s the most massive and ornate pair of opera glasses you could possibly fashion for yourself?
  • Assemble a suit, dress, or vest entirely out of plumbing and hardware items.
  • Start by gluing craft feathers all over your shirt and pants. See where it goes from there.
  • Hit up a costume/party store or thrift store and choose items that would normally never go together.
  • Have your best friend dress you. If they are your real friend, they won’t have a problem making you look like a fool.
  • How much of a tyvek painters suit could you cover using a single roll of neon duct tape?
  • You research your ancestry and discover that you are actually the Duke/Duchess of Gobbledygook. Well, you better start dressing like it!
  • Try wearing every article of clothing in the wrong place — a skirt around your neck, pants on your head, underwear on your knees, etc.
  • Steampunk is totally in these days — knickers, top hats,  fancy gowns, monocles, etc. But what would ‘Dreampunk’ look like?
  • Make a paper-mache likeness of your head, only bigger, and wear it backwards as a mask.
  • Strategically place peanut butter on your last year’s Halloween costume and give it to your dog. Watch it transform.