FestiFools April 7, 2019

Thank you for a FOOLnomenal FestiFools 2018!!

FestiFools is one of Ann Arbor’s cultural treasures. It is a HUGE-mongous public art spectacular, created by members of the community and U of M students. Magnificent, colorful, bizarre, human-powered papier-mâché puppets join thousands of Foolish friends frolicking about downtown for one fun-filled hour!

These events are possible through the generosity and creativity of our artists, sponsors, volunteers, local businesses, city departments, and individual donors.  So thank YOU for all that you do.

Would you like to get involved in FestiFools—as an artist, business partner, volunteer, sponsor, blind-folded trapeze artist, or underwater speed painter? Check out how to build a puppet, sign-up to volunteer or drop us a line below!

There is a disability drop off on Liberty off of Ashley. There will be a barricade staffer on Ashley and Liberty who will move the barricade for you and you can be dropped off close to Main Street. Will you need to have a driver because we will not be able to offer parking onsite.
There will be handicap seating marked in cones on the West side of Main St between Liberty and William (near the Ark). The show starts at 4 but we recommend getting there at least a half hour early to settle into your spot.

Check-out photos by Myra Klarman from FestiFools 2017!

A BIG Thank You to our Generous Sponsors:
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